There are a few reasons we work exclusively with professional service firms.

The fundamental reason is simply because that’s what we do best. I’ve personally been working in this space for over 20 years so I can say that I have experience and a deep understanding of what’s required and what works.

Not only that, but I understand the struggles internal marketers can have in regard to partner relationships, committee decision making and how difficult it can be moving forward on projects such as digital strategies, re-branding and website development.

Our expertise helps you  move forward and raise the creativity that’s lacking in such a conservative, competitive and changing landscape.

One of the greatest marketing challenges faced by most firms is clearly and succinctly differentiating themselves from their competitors.

In the past you didn’t really have to as long as you met a certain “hygiene” level you could rely on the traditional word of mouth, referrals and network channels.

That world is rapidly changing, it’s gone digitally mad and the professional services sector has fallen well behind other sectors in its response to buyer behavior.

It’s getting harder and harder to be a generalist, no longer do fluffy brand messages get cut through and the emergence of the digitally empowered buyer (DEB) has dramatically shifted the buying power to the customer.

Perceptions are being formed far quicker than they used to and if your message isn’t clear, focussed and highly visible so a prospect can immediately identify who you are, what you do and who you do it for, then your brand will be diluted and a diluted brand is a poor brand, no matter how good the creative.

The smart firms are more than aware and realise they need to do something about it and quickly, but they are not sure where to start with many finding their efforts somewhat ill-advised and ineffective.

Our first challenge is to help firms make the required mind shift, understand the importance of branding, positioning, and targeting through specialisation and its application to genuine highly visible competitor differentiation.

Not only that but the majority of professional service firms identities are not aligned with their positions (if they in fact have a position) and the ones that are  generate far more effective, trustworthy and memorable brands.

It’s not easy out there, there’s lots of challenges ahead but we are up for it and we can’t wait to work with progressive firms who want to do things differently and see their marketing as an investment in their future and not an overhead.

The good news is I see very few if any doing more than meeting the hygiene level whether it be branding, positioning, differentiation or digital presence and campaigns.

At the end of the day we are here to help and we do for ourselves what we do for our clients. We eat our own dog food … or rather, rabbit food.