I care.

You care.

But what about a prospective client looking for a new firm to work with, do they really care?

Based on my years of experience working with professional services firms I know most prospects don’t really care about design. And the ones that do, don’t really know good design from bad design anyway. It’s all opinion based. It’s true. If it wasn’t then we would all have similar looking artwork on our walls, we’d all dress similar and we would all be living in similar style housing and driving similar looking cars.

Understanding (DEB) The Digitally Empowered Buyer

The Digitally Empowered buyer doesn’t go searching for the best designed website when looking for a new accountant or lawyer. They don’t go searching for the best logo or the best looking brand. In fact design is probably the last thing on their mind. Sure, if an organisation looks unprofessional then they may discard them but if the hygiene level is being met then design will not be a deciding factor, far from it.

Design for the target audience

If it’s designed just to look great and not designed for the target audience then what’s the point of it. It won’t work.

Whether it’s a new identity, a new website or any piece of collateral the target audience must come first. You need to know who they are and what they do, their age, gender, location, education, occupation, income, family status and possibility even to the point that you know what they read, what they watch on television and what their general interests are. Once determined then the design can be created to suit.

I love being a creative, so I’m not bagging design for one minute or even playing it down, I just don’t like seeing clients getting creative produced for creative sake that doesn’t resonate with their audience.

Of course your organisation’s creative should still look good across the board. The fundamentals and theory of design should always be adhered to make it effective such as balance, good proximity and legibility. But at the end of the day, don’t go into the next creative project with the aim just making it look better than a competitors, go into it with the mindset of putting your prospect first and understanding what creative resonates with them. That’s what will help make it more desirable for a prospect over a competitors.

I really do care and I know you do too so let’s have a conversation.