Imagine if a prospect could understand exactly what your firm does and what makes you a better fit compared to your competitors in a way which inspires and entertains them, without having to trawl through pages of dry technical information.

A short video can explain your services, differentiation points and expertise in under 3 minutes. After all people will rather watch and hear something explained to them than read about it. According to psychology today videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, and in today’s fast paced world with the average person receiving 5,000 marketing messages per day it is essential to cut through the noise as quickly as possible.


Before you read on check out these mind-blowing facts about online video:

Here are eight ways you can use video to inspire your clients and get ahead of your competitors.
  1. Educate your Audience.
    Your firm is unique. Explaining what you do, what your product does and what makes you different can be a long-winded process. Making a well a structured animated or filmed video will get your point across in an interesting, concise and engaging manor.
  1. Unleashes your expertise and personality.
    In professional services your product is your people and their knowledge. What better way to establish trust and relationships with your staff and your potential clients than producing short videos highlighting their skills, personalities and what drives them.
  1. Increase search engine traffic.
    Having video content on your site is one of the best ways to attract search engine traffic because google can give it a higher priority over other content. There are numerous ways video increases your SEO but sharing intelligently on social media will create a whole network of back links to your website.
  1. Attract new audiences.
    Some people just prefer to receive their information via video. By targeted them on video rich social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube you can share your message with an entirely new audience.
  1. Establishes Credibility
    Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than company reviews. Testimonials and case studies showcasing excellent results, delivered from satisfied clients with passion and enthusiasm, build trust, credibility and the desire to know how you can deliver the same great experience for them.
  1. Attract quality employees
    Attract industry professionals to your firm by showcasing your company’s culture, providing employee testimonials, showing your beautiful work environment or giving insights into how you company operates day to day. You can also connect with the right candidates more effectively by incorporating videos into your job postings, linking to videos in your confirmation emails, using them at job fairs and harnessing the power of video conferencing for interviewing long distance candidates.
  1. Video blog posts
    What better way to share your thoughts and the latest insights in your industry than with an educational video blog cast. Target your clients’ pain points and deliver inspiring solutions to establish you and your firm as the experts in your field. Tell aspirational stories about how your industry is changing and how your company is embracing new methods to produce the best outcomes for your clients.
  1. Provide answers to FAQs
    Are you constantly having to answer the same questions for you clients? Why not deliver how-to videos on your site and answer those all too familiar repetitive questions in one shot, freeing up time for you to focus on the work that really matters and covering your usual client objections.


Examples of video for professional service firms

See how our client NuLegal have harnessed the power of video to showcase their expertise and staff profiles:

Timetabling Solutions engaged us to create an animated video to demonstrate the usefulness of their software product. Imagine explaining this in words. I’m sure you will agree it has far more impact telling the story in this format.


Bottom line is this – in 2017 (and beyond) you need to start converting text based information into rich video content. This is how audiences now consume information and if you fail to do this you will be left behind.